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Handmade Gorditas de Azucar (Sweet Griddle Cakes)

Handmade Gorditas de Azucar (Sweet Griddle Cakes)

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Introducing Gorditas de Azucar (AKA Sweet Griddle Cakes), the perfect breakfast treat! These delicious "pancakes" are made with a special blend of flour, sugar, and spices to create a unique and satisfying flavor. They are light and fluffy, with just the right amount of sweetness to start your day off right. It's no mystery why these sweet treats are a staple in Mexican bakeries and street food.

Our Gorditas de Azucar are made with only the freshest ingredients and are cooked to perfection on a griddle for a crispy, golden brown exterior. They are the perfect size for one person, making them a convenient and easy breakfast option.

Serve them up with a side of butter and syrup, or top them with your favorite fruit and whipped cream for an extra special treat. They are sure to become a new family favorite and will quickly become a staple in your breakfast routine.

Don't keep your sweet tooth waiting! Order a couple packs of our delicious Handmade Gorditas de Azucar today!

*Includes FREE Bonus "The Ultimate Tortilla Delights Cookbook" ($30 Value)

*4 Gorditas per pack*

*Gorditas are 4” in diameter*

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