About Us

Hello! My name is Diego and I am the son of the two founders of Mama Grande Tortilla Factory. My father has passed down the torch of the family business to me and I will do my absolute best to continue the legacy he and my mother started 20 years ago.

We started Mama Grande Tortilla Factory to honor our great grandma, Mama Grande. She took pride in cooking the best meals for our large Mexican family, and her specialty was homemade flour tortillas. Every bite from one of her specialty flour tortilla tacos was a heavenly experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

My father, Agustin, began Mama Grande Tortilla Factory in Mexico in 2003 alongside my mother. With only a cheap, hand-me-down tortilla press and a tiny garage, we began to make quality tortillas and went door to door to grocery stores and restaurants offering samples. There were many failures and tough times, but after 7 long years of grueling work and sacrifices, my parents made our factory successful. But unfortunately, hard times were still ahead...

Due to the growing insecurities and dangers of being a business owner in Mexico, we were forced to leave behind all our possessions, friends, and relatives to move our family to the US from Mexico.

When we arrived in the US in 2010, we found an abundance of unauthentic, cheap, chemical-filled "tortillas" with awful taste and texture all around the US. With all of our previous progress and success gone, we started over from the beginning. Over a decade later, we now proudly supply a great number of local grocery stores and restaurants all over South Texas, especially in the Rio Grande Valley.

With our corn and flour tortillas, we hope to share the experience of true authentic home-style tortillas with the whole world one bite at a time.

Mama Grande was a loving grandmother who loved to cook the best tortillas for her family and friends and we will try our best to spread that love to the entire world.

From our family at Mama Grande Tortilla Factory to yours, God bless you and keep spreading positivity😄❤