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Flour Fiesta Variety Pack

Flour Fiesta Variety Pack

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Our Flour Fiesta Variety Pack offers a fantastic opportunity to try all our flour tortillas at an incredible discount! 

These flour tortillas are made with premium ingredients and are soft, flexible, and full of authentic Mexican flavor. Whether you're making a quick lunch at home or hosting a party, these tortillas will surely be a hit. So why wait? Stock up on our Variety Pack of flour tortillas today and never be without a delicious and convenient meal option!

This Variety Pack includes: 

  • Taco Size Flour Tortillas (20 Tortillas)
  • Medium Flour Tortillas (18 Tortillas)
  • Butter Flour Tortillas (20 Tortillas)
  • Handmade Flour Tortillas (12 Tortillas)
  • Wheat Flour Tortillas (12 Tortillas)
  • Large Flour Tortillas (10 Tortillas)

*Includes FREE Bonus "The Ultimate Tortilla Delights Cookbook" ($30 Value)

Total amount of tortillas: 92 Tortillas

Total amount of packs: 6 Packs

*Refrigerate immediately to preserve freshness*

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