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Heating tortillas before consumption is crucial for great taste and texture: a well-warmed tortilla not only makes the flavor better and feels nicer in your dish, but it's also softer and more pliable than a tortilla right out of the package, making your meal experience even better. And the best part? It only takes a few seconds, and you don't need any fancy tools at all. Here are some quick methods to make your tortillas taste even better and enhance your whole final dish.

  • STOVE - appropriate for small quantities

If you have an open-flame stove, grab a tortilla with a pair of metal kitchen tongs (avoid plastic or silicone tongs), hold it about a couple of inches over the flame.

After about 30 seconds, flip the tortilla over another 30 seconds or until the tortilla is toasty, pliable, and soft.

If you have an electric stove, use a pan instead of placing your tortillas directly on the cooktop.

  • PAN - appropriate for small/medium quantities

If you don’t want to use any seasoning like oil or butter, it’s preferable to use a cast iron or non-stick pan.

Place the tortillas in the pan over medium heat and cook them for about 30 seconds on each side.

Optionally, you can add some butter or oil to your hot pan before placing the tortillas, and they will become a little richer and toastier.

  • MICROWAVE - appropriate for small/medium quantities

Place a damp paper towel on a plate, add five or fewer tortillas on top, and cover with another damp paper towel. This will prevent your tortillas from drying out.

Cook the tortillas for 20-30 seconds, keep a careful eye on them, and immediately serve them.

  • OVEN - appropriate for large quantities

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Wrap a stack of about five tortillas in aluminum foil and place the package in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes until they are heated through. You can do multiple packets of five tortillas each all at the same time.


  • After your tortillas have been warmed up properly it’s ideal to serve and consume them right away. However, in case of need, you can maintain the tortillas’ temperature and texture for some extra time by wrapping them in a clean kitchen towel - if you warmed up your tortillas in the oven, it’s sufficient to keep them wrapped in the aluminum foil.


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